Saturday, September 23

Ikea day

Thanks for the all the comments you left yesterday. It was really nice to hear from everyone. Sorry I kept you waiting for so long.

We finally made it out to Ikea today to look for furniture for our apartment. The closest store is actually across the river in New Jersey, which is good because they have lower sales tax there, but it meant we had to catch a bus to get there. It was pretty easy though as they have free shuttle buses just for Ikea, because no-one here has a car. There were huge coaches going every 10 minutes or so.

The Ikea was enormous. We spent hours there. Even the cafe was huge. It had it's own live entertainment. We took our time looking through the 2 floors of stuff. We've picked out most of what we want. We'll go back once we have the keys to the appartment, so that we can measure first, then Ikea will deliver for us, which makes life very easy. It's even better knowing that Michael's work are footing the bill.

We brought the webcam with us, so we have been able to talk to Michael's parents via video call. Best thing is it doesn't cost to talk that way. Kyan quite enjoys performing for the camera.

I haven't had time to look at how to get photos onto the computer yet, but I will really soon I promise.

That's about it for now. Ikea took all day. I'm kind of keen to do a little scrapping tonight. There are a couple of US DT's I'm interested in applying to. Can't hurt to try.

I'm off to read all about you guys now.


Anonymous said...

Nothing better than shopping, when somebody else foots the bill!

Sounds like you are getting organised. When do you go to your new apartment? I'm sure you'll be glad, you can get Kyan into a routine again!

Love reading about what you've been up to...keep it coming! :-)

Chelle xx

Kaye said...

WOW I want to see Ikea. Glad things are falling into place for you. Talk soon.

Sara Pearcy said...

I can't believe Ikea cafe has live entertainment! It must feel a little like doing your own little make-over show, with work footing the bill.... you know the bit where they always go to Ikea or DJs to buy new stuff. Lucky you!

Talk again soon.
xx Sara.

Leone said...

Ooohh I love Ikea. The new one will be just up the highway from me at Springwood - it looks massive!!! Can't wait till it opens.

Good luck with the US DT applications.

Tammy James said...

That ikea sounds awesome.
You are right about trying for the US DT's... good luck : )