Tuesday, September 26

Hopefully some photos.

Michael tells me that the reason I couldn't upload photos yesterday was because I didn't resize them, so I'll have another go today.

The flag was on the side of abuilding opposite ground zero on Sept 11. It was enormous. I didn't know anything about it before, but every year they have these 2 enormous blue lights that light up for one night to represent the two towers. For some reason they are not directly from the WTC site (maybe construction?), so as it happens they are on teh roof of the car park right opposite our unit. It was extrememly eerie.

There are squirrels all over the place here. They are very very cute.

We went to the top of the Rockerfeller centre today. They have recently renovated it and have a new observation deck at the top, where you can see 360 degree views of the city. I haven't sorted through the photos yet.

The NBC studios seem to be part of the centre, so of course they have a gift shop at the bottom. They had a very cute Will and Grace shirt that I may go back and get. Sara, they also had a Scrubs section. You could buy a set of pink scrubs with the logo on it (among other things) I thought of you.

After that we went to Brooklyn to have some lunch, and a bit of a walk around what will be our neighbourhood, then back home.

I have done a little scrapping, but it for competitions, so I wont show them yet. I really need to get to the rest of my supplies. There is heaps of great stuff available online, however since we don't have an American credit card just yet, so it would cost up heaps in fees to go shopping yet. I can't wait until I can shop.

Better go check dinner.


Anonymous said...

Glad that you could finally get some photos up.

Anonymous said...

Hey Alicia it's Kerri Kyan's old teacher. Just thought I'd post you some news......it's a girl!!!! We finally found out. I had to finish up work really early and they put me in hospital for a week but I'm home on rest now. Well I will catch up soon, it's great to know that everything is going well in the U.S. and it was nice to read your blog and I miss Kyan and chatting to you. Well catch up soon. Kez

Sara Pearcy said...

Wow, great pics, Leish!! I've seen the lights representing the towers before, but assumed they were onsite at Ground Zero. Funny that they aren't.

Kyan looks so cute standing looking at the plane. I LOVE how the squirrels are everywhere! The locals are probably over them, but I think they are really cute.

See... now I will HAVE to visit you so you can take me to NBC to buy lots of Scrubs stuff! Season 4 has just been released here on DVD - I'm buying it tomorrow!!

xx S.

Anonymous said...

Wow Alicia, those photos are unreal, we went to NY about 2 years ago, I can't believe how quickly it has gone, and we absolutely loved it. Those little squirrels are gorgeous. I hope you have a ball, the whole experience is going to be wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Love the pics! That flag was enormous! Love Kyan and the plane!

You are going to have so many pics to scrap, it'll be a full-time job! LOL

Chelle Xx