Friday, September 8

No coments

For some reason my last post did not have the option to leave comments, which is odd as I don't remember changing anything, so I'll see how this one goes.

A very short post today. I am on my way into bed. We had another exhausting day today. I thought we were all but finished. I guess we weren't. My lovely friend Ang came to give me a hand. Thanks again Ang. We have one short trip out to the house tomorrow and then I think that's it. Then we just have to hand over the second car, try to get to a bank and a chemist and most importantly see Sara. Lucky we are staying with Michel's parents who are only 5 minutes from Sara.

My brain wont let me go on, so I'm off to sleep. Hope the comments thing works, as I love getting comments from everyone.


Anonymous said...

No long to go now!

Can't imagine how you're feeling. Excited about NY, but probably sad to leave Brissy!

Probably won't get to wish you well before you leave, so have a good trip(hope Kyan likes it, and you can keep him occupied) and chat to you in NY!

Chelle Xx

Anonymous said...

*big hug* All the best for the big trip over. Take care!

Sara Pearcy said...

Glad you've now got everything done and we had a chance to catch up today before you leave!

xx S.