Sunday, October 1

Looking up.

Things might be looking up. We got a call from the broker this morning. She said that the place should be cleaned before we move in, and that even though we have the keys, we don't start paying until we move in, which looks like Wednesday. We are waiting for the removalist to get back to us with a time to bring our stuff around.

I spent a fortune at Ikea today. I was really nervous about going today as Micahel has gone to DC for his orientation, so I had to take Kyan out there all by myself. I found some staff memebers to help me out and it went quite smoothly. Kyan was an angel which really helped. They will deliver the stuff to us on Thursday which works out quite well.

Nothing much else to say today. Better get Kyan in the bath and off to bed, so I can do some scrapping tonight.

The new weekly challenge is up at Scrapbook City, so go check it out.


scrapadel said...

Glad to hear things are looking up for you.

I bet it is nice to know your moving in soon.

Anonymous said...

So glad things worked out with the cleaning.

Anonymous said...

I bet you're feeling better about the new place.
Glad Kyan was good for you today...makes things a lot easier!

Chelle Xx

AnnetteL said...

Hi Alicia. I am glad things are starting to settle down for you in NY. For having limited scrappin supplies you are doing a wonderful job. Your LO are amazing!


Crissy Gaylor said...

Can not wait to see some photos of your new apartment! Glad to hear you are all settling in okay.
:) Crissy

Sara Pearcy said...

Scrapping? What's that? I haven't scrapped for ages! Every time I get near my room, something happens!!

Glad to hear they are going to sort the cleanliness thing out and that you had a smooth run at Ikea!

xx S.