Tuesday, October 24

More layouts

Nothing much to say to today, but I do have some layouts to share. The 2 of these came together really quickly.

I got my first lot of groceries delivered from online shopping today. It seems to be a really common thing to do here. There is a supermarket only a few blocks away, but I can't push a pram and do a whole load of groceries at the same time.

It's starting to get quite cold here. We saw another skating rink getting set up today right near Michael's work.

Michael's best friend and his wife who live in washington Dc are heading up on Friday for the weekend. It will be nice to have some people we know to talk to.

That's it for now. Now very exciting.


Sara Pearcy said...

Fantastic layouts. Have fun over the weekend!
xx S.

Anonymous said...

They are both gorgeous LOs Alicia.

Love the one of your eyelashes, its a great photo.

Have fun this weekend, it will be great for you to catch up with your friends.

Anonymous said...

fabulous layouts. love your photo in the layout.

Anonymous said...

Loving your new L/O's, especially the eyelashes one. Great pic!

Have a wonderful weekend meeting up with your friends!

Chelle Xx

Anonymous said...

Love the LOs. Kyan has changed since you left. Enjoy the weekend.

Jeepie said...

Oh wow, skating rinks and on line grocery deliveries.
That is a great photo of you in your layout

ScrapManda said...

Beaut pics Leish! Enjoy your weekend.

Crissy Gaylor said...

Gorgeous layouts Alicia. Have a great weekend.

jilly said...

These are beautiful Alicia!

Michelle Lindenmayer said...

Hope you enjoy your weekend Alicia.

Love your eye lashes LO - stunning.


Peta Boardman said...

Fantastic layouts, love the eyelash one..
Have a great day

Anonymous said...

What beautiful lo's Leish. Sounds like you are all having heaps of fun.

Big Hugs to you all

Tammy said...

I do the online groceries too.
Not easy to grocery shop with no car and a pram.
Your pages look great. : )

Kate said...

Beautiful Layouts!! I love your work!