Tuesday, October 3

We've created a monster.

This is for all those people who think that Kyan is always a perfect angel.

Michael had a great idea to download some episodes of Play School for Kyan to watch while we are over here. He has never really been into TV before but we wanted him to have something from home to watch.

The first time he watched it on the laptop, he sat motionless on Michael's lap the whole entire time. He barely even blinked. He absolutely loved it. He did all the actions as they sang. The problem came when it finished. He screamed!!! He kept saying more play school, more play school. We've never seen him like this before. We have 5 episodes at the moment, and he has watched them over and over, and still screams every time.

This photo was just taken. He suddenly asked for play school. He has already watched 2 eps earlier this morning. Somehow the idea jumped into his head that he wanted to watch it, and when I said he, he lost it. You can see him in the picture trying to open the laptop himself.

What have we started?????


Jo said...

Hmmm.... So how do you scrap a photo like that? Poor Darling Boy, he's just got himself attached to Play School. At least it's not something violent. You have to be happy for that one. Good Luck with moving and settling in, I will be thinking of you.


Give Kyan a big hug for me.

Anonymous said...

Leish, I'm loving that photo! Zac was similar at that age. You have to do what they want, didn't you know Mum?!. It's temper tantrum time, age 2!!

Hope you solve the Play School dilemma!:-)

Chelle Xx

Anonymous said...

Poor baby. Sounds like you have to get him his own TV and many more copies of Play School. Big hugs.

Jeepie said...

Wow, I have just caught up on all your goings on! What an exciting time!

I would be cranky about that apartment too.

I hope Kyan sorts out his playschool addiction. My husband behaves the same way if he misses out on motorsport coverage!

Anonymous said...

What an adorable photo. It sounds like you are all enjoying yourselves.

Big Hugs to all of you

Sara Pearcy said...

Play School now.... Charlie and Lola next.... soon he'll be a TV junkie!!!

xx S.

ScrapManda said...

Hey Leish - check out ABC online I'm sure you'll be able to get Kyan more Play School episodes on DVD (so you don't get sick of the 5 that you do have!!)

jilly said...

pmsl Alicia - I'm LOVE those crying photos of children!!!!

Crissy Gaylor said...

OMG poor thing! I used to live with two young girls and one was OBSESSED with AQUA and listening to their tape ALL DAY LONG!
Girl tantrums are not pretty either.

I hope you manage to download more episodes.
take care

lusi said...

LOL Leish! My boys have put on some great *performances* recently!!! Hope all's well there :)
Lus x

scrapadel said...

That photo is too cute Alicia.

Hope you can download more episodes for him. Lol