Sunday, October 22

Try again.

I know I haven't blogged in a while. I tried a couple of times last week to put up some pics, but blogger wouldn't let me. Hopefully I can share some today.

Nothing much going on at the moment. I am nervously awaitig some scrap parcels in the mail. I did an online order the other day and I can track it ont he UPS website. Thing is it says they have tried to deliver twice and haven't been able to. I'm nervous because I know I was at home at the time they said they tried to deliver it and they said they left two notices which I haven;t got. I'm off to the PO in the morning. I hope it is there. I can't believe how much troubel we have had getting things delievered here.

Went to Central Park yesterday. They were setting up the outdoor ice skating rink for it to open last night. It is definitley one of gthe things that we want to do while we are here. Probably before it gets totally freezing. We've already started having cool days. I bought myself 2 new jackets the other day which should suit me pretty well.

Have been doing a bit of scrapping lately. Can't wait to get my new stuff. target has started to redeem itself. They did a restock the other day and so I picked up a few new things. SOme nice ribbon. I don't know the company. I also got some MM large chipboard monos that I've not seen before. It seems that MM make stuff exclusively for Target here. Will satisfy me until the mail comes.

The new weekly challenge is up at Scrapbook City. Hope you'll join in.

Will try to add some photos. Fingers crossed.


em said...

Beautiful layouts! I really want to go skating in Central Park someday!!!

melanie harris said...

Skating in Central Park sounds great. I love how you have scrapped the photo of you at Central Park.

Shirls said...

i would love to visit NY one day:)

Anonymous said...

I hope your parcels arrive soon!

Can't wait to see your pics of skating in central Park! Would be beautiful! :-)

Chelle Xx

Kaye said...

Great to see some new photos of Kyan. Hope the parcels arrive.

Carole Janson said...

Hi Alicia, love your layouts, I would love to go skating in Central Park, sounds amazing.

Sara Pearcy said...

Good luck with the parcels.

xx S.

Sara Pearcy said...

Me again.... I'm looking forward to seeing some jacket photos and pics of the iceskating, too.

Talk to you soon.
xx S.

Scrapmanda said...

Gorgeous LO's! I was talking about you today at work - as we mentioned the new IKEA opening here this week...telling everyone the fun you've been having :)