Monday, June 26

Blog First, Surf Later

My plan today is to blog first, surf later.

Kyan has had 2 excellent nights in his new bed. I was a bit worried about him falling out, but he has been absolutley perfect. He doesn;t even get up and walk around when we put him to bed. We have tried to keep his bed time routine exactly the same, and it seems to be working. He is so cute in his bed.

Here are a couple more bumblebee layouts.

We are off to meet Sara and Amanda and the kids in the park today, so given that I am still sitting here in my pyjamas, I better get going.


Sara said...

Great to hear that Kyan is going well in his new bed. I hope you had a nice day at the park. I have seen these layouts. Gorgeous.

Angela said...

Oh My Gosh Kyan is a big boy now hey! Congratulations to all of you...and I hope it all keeps going smoothly!