Sunday, June 25

Getting Side Tracked

I keep meaning to blog. I come in here every day, but then I get caught up reading everyone else's blog that I don't get around to writing my own.

The biggest news for us at the moment, is that Kyan went into a big bed today. We got him an extendable bed from IKEA. He had 2 naps in it today and has gone straigth to sleep in it tonight. He's the best baby ever. He seems to really like it. It was very excited when he saw it. I need to get him some new linen for it this week. Michael has already packed away the cot into the garage.

Entries for the RNA are due this week so I am busily finishing them off. Should be right to finish them tomorrow now that I am on holidays.

I got some stuff back from Bumblebee the other day, so I should be able to post them now.

That's about all I can think of at the moment.


Scrapmanda said...

Every mag I seem to open the Bumblebee advert jumps out at me saying "there's Alicia" -yeah!!!

I remember putting Tara into a big bed - took a serious of photo's and have the LO to prove it :) Hope Kyan continues to LOVE it.

See you Tuesday.

Sara Pearcy said...

Yay for Kyan - he's really not a baby anymore, is he?! Glad to hear the move to the big bed went well. Nick's turn next.

Love your BB stuff - but you already knew that!

xx S.

jilly said...

Aaawww. Kyan's in a big boy bed - what a cutey!

I'm with Sara - your Bumblebee stuff is gorgeous!


Sara said...

Great to hear that Kyan is in a big bed now. He's growing up right before your eyes.

I love your Bumblebee stuff. Truly gorgeous.

Crissy Gaylor said...

Love your bumble bee designs. I have seen them in the ads!