Tuesday, June 27


There is so much to say today.

First of all a very big congratulations to my very good friend Sara who has finally been anounced as one of the winners of the For Keeps A-Z competition. It's been a long wait. I can't wait to see her prizes.

Sara, Amanda and I took all the kids to the park yesterday. It was lots of fun, and the playground was great. We took lots of photos of course. Here are a couple.

I finally got my entries in for the RNA yesterday, Thanks again Sara fro dropping them off.I'm curious to see how many other entries there are and if I recognise any of the people. It's not really that big a deal that many people would know about. There are no rules about sharing for this one, so here they are:

Kyan is still doing well in his big bed. He looks so beautiful in there. I hope to get some good photos once we get him a new quilt cover. We've stuck woth his cot one at the moment while he transitions into his bed, even if it is too small. Now we have to decide whether to stick with the Pooh Bear theme, or switch to something new. I guess it will depend on what we can find at the shops.

Scrapbook City at Indro got all the new Heidi Grace papers the other day. They were still in the box so I got to be the first to open it all up. They are soooo nice. I've never been a big fan of Heidi Grace before but this stuff is gorgeous. I can't imagining the stocks lasting long. Lucky me, I grabbed some to do a DT layout. I'll post it here once I've finished it. I also picked up some of the new Daisy D stuff. It's really really nice. I started a BTP project with it last night. Pics coming soon.

Best keep going. Grandma is coming for a visit this afternoon, so I better go clean up.


Sara said...

Will definitely have to check these papers out on Saturday night. Great to hear that you had a nice time at the park. Gorgeous layouts as always.

ScrapManda said...

Love the RNA LO's Leisha - especially your Hong Kong fireworks!

jilly said...

Stunning work as always Alicia. Keep it up girl!!!!

Anonymous said...

great layouts, alicia. kyan looks so big now:) love your btp in fk this month.


Jenny said...

Hi Leisha,
Just wanted to say thank you for your layout it is wonderful. This was the only way I could contact you. I love your blog site you work is to just die for well done