Monday, June 12

Sara and I headed back to the convention centre yesterday afternoon to do our Scrapbook Creations class. It was a really great class. Sara and I talked way too much as usual, but we managed to get a fair bit done. We made a really cute tin. I have almost finished mine. I'll try to post a photo tomorrow.

Here are some photos that we took at the class. We grabbed the opportunity for a photo with Jannah Kelly, the editor of Scrapbook Creations and Loraine Bate. Both of them were really lovely.

In other scrap news, I am STILL working on my double layout for my masters enrty. It is slowly getting there, but I can't believe how much time I am spending on the one layout. It is unheard of for me. My beyond the page is coming along nicely too.

Here are a few photos of recent layouts. The fancy pants one, I did on the retreat. It was funny, I had another photo planned for the layout, but hadn't printed it yet, so I used this one just for size and placement. In the end, the photo went so well with it, that I glued it on. I still have the other to scrap now.

The other one is just a Kyan layout. No great story to go with it.

We went out to Wivenhoe Dam today for a picnic. It was really nice. Not too busy either, surprisingly for a public holiday. I think we got some cute photos of Kyan riding his bike down a hill.

That's it for now. I've said it before, but if you stop by my blog, please leave a comment, so I know who's been. Bye.


Sara Pearcy said...

Just stopping by your blog, as usual! Love the layouts, esp the FPD one. I haven't been to Wivenhoe for years. Glad it wasn't too busy for you. See you soon.

xx S.

Sara said...

Hi Leisha

Just thought I would pop a comment on that I love the Cuddles layout.

also, just so you know, i pass by your blog every day or every couple of days.

Sara Noendeng (qldscrapper / sweetnsourness)

Cass said...

Hi Leisha,
Just letting you know I dropping in for a read! Kyan is growing up so quickly!

Take care,

Crissy Gaylor said...

Love the work Alicia. Good to hear you are entering the SM Masters. Good luck. :)