Saturday, June 10

Sara and I headed off to the Scrapbook convention today. It was amazing how many people I saw that I knew. It was fun, but I had Kyan with me, and going to those shows with a pram is just ridiculous. I will try never to do that again. I constantly felt that I was getting in someones way. We met Jannah Kelly from Scrapbook Creations which was nice, and even got a free class tomorrow, so I am looking forward to that.

I finally got to meet Jill today, even if it was very brief. I'm really keen to do some scrapping together soon, and get to know her better IRL.

The lifeline bookfest was on next door. It's one of those things that I keep saying I'll goto, but have never managed to get there. It was incredible the number of books there. I only looked at the children's section, and got a whole bag of books for $5. That should keep Kyan happy for hours, not to mention Daddy with a sore throat. Kyan loves to hear stories. I hope he is a good reader when he gets older.

Here are a couple of layouts I did a few weeks ago when the computer was down.
The one of Kyan has french knots all over the place. The one of me was for last month's challenge pack for Scrapbook City. Speaking of whoch, they have announced the dates for the next retreat. It is going to be in November at Brookfield. I'm not sure if I'll still be here then, but if I am, I'll certainly be going. There are probably details on the website by now. Hope that link works, it's the first time I have put a link.

Anyway, Michael is off to the Brisbane Lions game tonight so I better get Kyan off to bed, and then I might be able to do some scrapping. I really need to get my RNA entries done.


Shirls said...

loves the layouts. the french knots must have taken you ages:)


Sara Pearcy said...

More great layouts. You are a bit of a sucker for french knots, aren't you? How are your fingers?

xx S.