Sunday, July 2

Crop at Scrapbook City

I went off to a crop at Scrapbook City last night with Sara, Amanda, Zane, Sara, Gaye, Dianne, Kelllie and Michelle. It was lots of fun as always even though I barely did anything at all. Here's one layout that I did finish though. I was all inspited after finishing Karen;s class so I decided to try some doodling of my own.The photo doesn't really show it, but the large flower is raised on chipboard and is hinged with ribbon to hide the journalling. The photo is of my sister by the way, not me.

I'm very excited to introduce Zane to the land of blogging now. Zane is such a fun person to be around. I'm looking forward to reading her blog.

We headed out to Queen's Park at Ipswich for a picnic today. Kyan loved the big slides they have (well big, for a little person). He did such a good job of waiting for his turn. I was very disappointing though to see so many other kids with such bad manners, especially big kids who would push in front of the little ones. I was also very annoyed to see someone smoking in the playground. Do people just not think about how gross that is around children, not to mention that it is now illegal.

I have another layout almost finished so I might go and get it done, because I absolutely must concentrate on finishing my masters this week. I'm almost there.


Sara said...

I loved that layout last night and still love it now. Queens Park really is nice most of the time (apart from when you get the odd rude person or child). I love going there even just to wander through the park itself not the kids area

Ms Zane said...

It was so fun to hang out with you last night to and I am glad to be introduced to the land of the blog! :) I really love that layout also -- at least you can say you did finish SOMETHING!

Good luck with finishing that LO for your masters - you go girl - you can win it!

Sounded like a lovely day at the park (even though that is DISGUSTING for someone to smoke there)!!

Chat soon. xox

Karen Ridgeway said...

Hi Alicia!!! Just dropping in quickly to say hello :o)

LOVE your beautiful ;D Glad you are feeling more confident with doodling now too :o)

Chat soon :o)

Luv Karen xoxo

Sharyn said...

Hi Alicia,
It was great to see your comment.
Sorry you won't be around at SAM, but it will be great to keep in touch here...maybe we can organise a crop day together once in a while. Take care, stay safe!

Sara Pearcy said...

Hey Leish, just me! I love that layout all finished. Next time we go to a crop we WILL get more done!!

Have fun with your Masters. We should try to catch up again this week before you head back to school.

xx S.