Thursday, July 20

So over it!

Maybe I'm not the most patient person, but a whole week of waiting has really gotten to me today. If they weren't going to send the email on Friday, then they shouldn't have said Friday. It may not be so important to them, but this is our life that is about to change.

Not much else going on at the moment, but a pretty full weekend ahead. My sister is in town tonight so we are off the the Breaky Creek for dinner. Yum! Tomorrow a friend of mine has a school musical that he is directing, so we are off to support him. Oh, I guess the weekend isn;t that full after all. I really would like to scrap. I've done very little lately, so here's my to do list:
* July challenge for the scrap pile
* 2 dare challenges
* a couple of lo's for submissions.

I should get my new bumblebee kit next week, so I'll have some more to do for next week. Of course, I wont get to do all of that, but having a list helps me get started.

What is everyone else planning for the weekend???

I promised I'd share a layout, so here t'is. It's of my beautiful puppy Holly, when she came to visit.


Carole Janson said...

I hope you get your email soon, I hate waiting too. Especially when they say they will do it and don't. Love your layout, what a gorgeous picie.


Scrapmanda said...

Holly looks right at home. Aren't you lucky to be able to have her visit! Have a great weekend.

jilly said...

Gorgeous layout again Alicia. Love it! How annoying about your email - ooooh, I hate waiting!

scrapadel said...

Hope you get your email soon Alicia, its a bad feeling to be left in limbo.

Love the LO of Holly, what a gorgeous dog.

Michelle Jamieson said...

Holly is beautiful, and that she stayed sitting there for the pic!

Hope you hear real soon....:-)

Steph Caskey Devlin said...

Hope you get that damn email soon. I know what the wait is like..... Love your layout too. Such a beautiful puppy.
Steph xx

Nicole Rayner said...

Love this layout, the photo is so cute... Have a great weekend.

Ms Zane said...

LOve that layout Leisha - I took some puppy photos a few weeks ago that I have been wanting to scrap but putting off cos they are not my dogs - this has changed my mind!!

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