Thursday, July 13

Sorry, no photos.

I can't believe it has been almost a week since I have scrapped. Must be some kind of record. Luckily Sara is coming over to night to help me break the drought. Even more strange, is that I don't have anything due at the moment.

The non scrapping means that I don't have any photos to show, but stick with me and I should have some by tomorrow.

Jenny has been up from Sydney this week, so it has been fun catching up with her a couple of times.

Kyan comes home tonight after spending most of the week with Mum due to him being sick and not being able to go to daycare. Amazingly the place is still clean from Monday. I predict it will take him about 30 seconds to start making a mess again.

We are off to a christening tomorrow night, so that should be fun. We are also planning to take Kyan to the Railway Museum at Ipswich this weekend. We tried last weekend but he was in a cranky mood, and we didn't have closed in shoes that you apparently need but they failed to mention on the website.

The Scrapbook City forum and gallery should be aup really, really soon. I've seen the front page, so I know progress is being made slowly. Poor Leisa has been very frustrated by all the delays. (not her fault).

Better go clean up before Sara comes and Kyan gets home.


Crissy Gaylor said...

You are bound to get some great photos at the Christening Leisha. Can not wait to have a look. Have a great weekend! :)

ScrapManda said...

Peter & the girls went out to Ipswich on Thursday and had a blast! Chelle & I dropped into Scrapbook City today to leave our kit challenges :) Look forward to their forum getting up and running. Have fun tonight :)

Chrissy said...

Oh no, hope your poor little poppet is fighting fit and healthy really soon!

Have fun scrapping tonight you lucky thing, I'm so tired after this week I'm going to head to be early I think! (well midnight will be early for me! LOL)

Take care!
Chrissy xx

Sara Pearcy said...

Why clean? Take a rest instead... it's going to be a late night. :)

xx S.

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