Friday, July 14

Finally some ohotos.

Sara came over last night which was lots of fun. We've scrapped together a few times lately, but always in a group, so it was really nice to have just the two of us. I'm going to miss that when we go O/S.

I got a few things done. I worked on my red rooster scrapping cup. I don't feel like it is finished yet. The probelm is that it can't have much bulk. I think it will be something that I add to over time.

I worked on a couple of layouts just for me for a change. I've had the photos for ages. The secrets one was taken in New Zealand at Easter time. I'm not all that sure that I'm happy with it. I had to change things a little after a "rubon incident".

I'm quite happy with the other one. I'd like to add some more jewels to the flowers but I don't have any left at the moment. The butterfly was from a bunch of flowers that Michael gave me a while ago. Sara took the photo.

I'm waiting for Michael to wake up so we can check his email. We are expecting one from the states with the job offer. I suddenly feel an urge to vacuum (sp?) the bedroom really loudly. Fingers crossed.

Sara showed me her latest SC last night. I have a layout in the little book extra this month. Not a huge fan of the layout, but love to see it in there. It's in the back of the mag too.

Off to make some noise.


Anonymous said...

love the mugs (was very tempted to get it the other day when i saw them). love the layouts too. i've got some layouts in sc make it quick booklet too:) they were a nice

Angela said...

ok, i have not seen these mugs before! where from?
and don't leave us hanging too long about this job...I am sooo excited for you!

Chrissy said...

Love those fabulous mugs! How cool and the LO with you, what a gorgeous pic! :)
Glad you had such a fun scrapping night, I'm off at a scrapping weekend retreat next week and just can't wait!

Take care!
Chrissy xx

Sara Pearcy said...

Friday night was fun - I'm certainly going to miss that when you go away too!

The 'Next Phase' layout turned out beautifully. I love it - now I'm going to look like I'm copying when I finally do my butterfly layout!!

xx S.

Ms Zane said...

I just realise how far behind I am in reading your blogs Leisha!! I am set to read them all in a row til I'm all caught up! :) Your Mug and layouts look Fab - your work is so inspiring to me!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work. thnx!

Anonymous said...

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