Sunday, July 16

Still no news.

After a week of waiting for the end of the week to come like we had been told, still no email with the contract. It's extremely frustrating. It will probably be Tuesday now, becuase of the time difference.

It's been a busy weekend, although I have nothing to show for it. We took Kyan to the railways museum yesterday. He seemed to like it.

Last night we had the christening. It was interesting to watch Kyan back at the house afterwards. All the kids were in the study watching a movie. Kyan started there, but then remembered where the train set was, and was off. He played all by himself for ages. He was one of the youngest there. It was a bit sad to see him playing all alone. I don't know if that is just his age, or if he'll just be a bit of a loner. He's quite independent and can amuse himself here for ages, which is great. I just hope that he develops good social skills too. There was a very funny moment. At one stage he made his way back to the T.V. room. Michael walked in and found him sitting on the floor with an entire bowl of lollies just eating tham all one by one. I don't know how he didn;t pass out from a sugar overdose. Needless to say, he wont be having any more lollies for a little while. He was very cute. Stupid me didn't take a photo!!! I somehow predict I'll get another opportunity another day.

Today Kyan and I went off to watch Michael's karate lesson. They had a Xmas in July thing with a BBQ. Problem is that I didn't actually get to watch any of the lesson, because I was chasing Kyan all over the place. After that we headed off to M's brothers' for lunch and a game of Monopoly. I alsmost won.

Now I have a mountain of washing to do and get ready for work tomorrow. I think we all need 3 day weekends.


Sara said...

What a horrible thing to make you wait. I hope that it comes through soon.

Three day weekends sound like a great idea. Do you think you could talk my boss into it for me? Thanks. LOL

Sara Pearcy said...

Sounds busy but fun. Kyan is just that age where kids play on their own or beside the other kids rather than with them. Nick is a bit like that at the moment too.

I'm sure you'll find Kyan with a bowl of lollies another time to get a great photo! I hope he went to sleep okay and didn't have too much sugar bubbling around his little body!!

xx S.

ScrapManda said...

I agree - he's just at that age. Before you know it he'll be going to birthday parties, having sleep overs and visiting friends all the time. I love watching children who are happy with their own company and can amuse themselves.

Ms Zane said...

Kyan sounds so cute just looking out for himself... And the lolly thing kind of reminds me of me - hopefully though he'll be more controlled than I am with them!!

I 100% agree about 3 days weekends - YES PLEASE!!!

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