Wednesday, September 27

Some more pics

I had a lovely long sleep in this morning. We finally headed out around lunch time and caught a bus to Chinatown for some food. We managed to get some photos printed up in a pharmacy. I also got a revlon colourstay lipstick there for $5. I pay at least $20 at home. I think I'll have to head back for more.

Chinatown is very much like Hong Kong. Lots of interesting shops, but mostly all selling the same sort of thing. I got pretty annoyed in one shop however, when the shop keeper basically made us leave because we had a pram. i made a comment on the way out about spending my money with someone else. I was quite angry about it really. It was quite a big shop, we were not in anyone's way. How do they expect to make any money if they treat people badly.

We ended up in Little Italy which has lots of really great restaurants, and found a playground for Kyan to have a little play. he loves to slide. he has started going down on his tummy feet first.

We've been noticing how much people love Kyan. he always manages to get someone to talk to or play with him on the subway. People in elevators talk to him. people walking in teh street smile at him. It's quite incredible. We know he's cute, but he's never attracted so much attention before. Of course, he loves it and performs like you wouldn't believe. he is becoming quite a show off.

The photos are from central park zoo last week. The polar bear was my favourite. He was enormous. Kyan loved the sea lions. We got some good photos of them at feeding time.

Here are some random observations of New York.(no particular order)
*It is ginormous.
*People are generally friendly. Someone will always help with the pram.
*There are way too many stairs in teh subway.
*Coke here tastes different because they use a different sugar.
*People will blow their horn as soon as the light changes, even if the person in front isn't too slow.
*It is only a matter of time until I get run over because the traffic is coming from the wrong direction.

Michael just arrived back with the biggest pizza I have ever seen, so I better go and eat some.

P.S. Kerri, thanks for dropping by, I'll email you soon.


lusi said...

Wow Leish! I'm so pleased to read that everything is going well for you guys in the states - had to drop by Sara's blog to get the link to yours - had been wondering how you guys had settled in. Great pics too! Have fun :)
Lus x

Anonymous said...

You guys are really getting around NY! Good to see you are doing heaps!
Love the polar bear and the shot of Kyan with his hands over his eyes!
I bet you're swating on getting your Scrapping supplies, although you haven't had time to miss them too much! :-)

Chelle Xx

Kaye said...

Love the photo of the big piano

Scrapmanda said...

LOL! I can so relate to your comment about getting run over - I felt the same way in Canada! Great to see some pics! I really like the one of Kyan looking at the Qantas plane!

melinda said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Love the photo's they are great.

Joanne Hutchison said...

Hey Alicia,

Glad that you are enjoying yourselves. I love the photos. Keep them coming.

Talk to you soon.


jilly said...

Oh Alicia it sounds so wonderful - how exciting for you all! Looking forward to seeing some more photos!

Sara Pearcy said...

Great pics! I'm slow off the mark with this post - seven comments already!

...well, we all knew Kyan is a cutie!!

xx S.

scrapadel said...

Alicia, I love those photos. I am so jealous... I have always wanted to go to New York.

I might have to live through you.