Sunday, October 29

Blog challenge

I have joined a few US forums since I got here to immerse myself in the scrap world here. I cam across a site that have blog challenges. (Nothing to do with scrapping). Each week they put up a topic to blog about, then you go back and post a link, for everyone to see your response.

This week's topic is about dream holidays.

I'm very lucky, that since being with Michael we have been able to do lots of travelling. Apparently it's by accident, but almost all of our holidays have ended up being cold holidays. Lots of them have even included snow. It;s become a bit of a running joke. I am really looking forward to a time when we can go on a warm holiday. Not boling hot, just nice, a bit of swimming, that sort of thing.I would really love to go on a cruise ship.

So what about everyone else. What would your dream holiday be. Post about it in your blog.

This is a layout from one of the competitions Sara and I are doing at the moment. I am onto the next round which is great.

This is another one for the same challenge.

We have had our friends Marcel and Belinda visiting this weekend from Washington. We drove down to Pennsylvania yesterday. Lots of the leaves are turning there. It's very pretty. Unfortunatley the weather was very ordinary. Today we went ice skating. Across the city, they set up outdoor skating rinks. We went to the one right near Michael's work, which was free, except for skate hire. Michael had a bit of a stack and has been in pain ever since, but it was lots of fun.


Angel's Imaginations said...

Great LO's, Alicia! I'm sure that you are ready for a warm holiday! Maybe you can go to Disney World in Orlando, Florida sometime. :-)

Jo said...

Glad to hear that you are having a great time. Sorry about Michaels fall. Poor sweetie. You realise you have to baby him for a few days now don't you?


Anonymous said...

Skating sounds great Alicia.

Off to post my dream holiday on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good weekend with your friends.
Great L/O's, and poor Michael. Is he ok now? Love your pic on the's looking really cold over there now. Your jacket looks nice and warm though! :-)

I want to hear all about Halloween, what it's like? does everyone dress up?(my kids are dressing up for daycare tomorrow)

Chelle Xx

Tanya Reedy said...

Wow I have never owned a coat that big. I would love to trade places with you but I love being warm. As for holidays I know it is rather bland but I love going to the Gold Coast with my family and doing the tourist thing, Dream World etc. Have fun skating you will be a pro in no time.

Anonymous said...

Love the coat. My dream holiday would be visiting NY. I wonder why.

Sara Pearcy said...

The coat looks great. I love that the skating is free. I hope you get to go a lot more over winter.

xx S.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you are having heaps of fun. Love the coat and the lo's look great.