Monday, October 9

A very long post

I've been a bit distrated lately so I've got lots of catching up to do.

The apartment.

We have now moved into our apartment. It wasn't exactly smooth sailing but we have made it. It's starting to look good after 3 days of Ikea furniture building. We still have a few bits and pieces to go, but we have all the big stuff now.

We were supposed to move in last Sunday, but they hadn;t yet painted, and it was a filty mess. Theyt finally finishe dpainting on Wednesday, and did a bit of a clean. It was much much better, but not good enough for my satisfaction, so I had to do a fair bit of cleaning as son as I got here. I have cleaned the glass shower door twice already and it is still not completely clean.

We got all our stuff from Australia on Thursday which was great. Kyan's bed got damaged in the move, so we have to get that sorted out.We got our TV today, so we can actually just relax for a bit. It's starting to feel like a proper house now.

We have had so much trouble with delieveries it's not funny. The TV was due to come on Wednesday. I was a few minutes late and misssed them. They said they would have to charge the delivery fee again to bring it back. I rang and organised it, but they didn't show up. o cut a long story short, Michael went to the shop, picked it up today and bought it back in a cab, for 1/5 of the price.

Ikea. Arranged for them to come last Thursday. Waited all day with Kyan. They rang to say they were here, but they weren't. They were in Manhattan, not Brooklyn. So then they just didn't show up. Waited until 9 o'clock at night. Not happy! I had to chase them the next day. No apology or anything. They finally arrived the following afternoon.

The cable guy was booked in for Wednesday. Has already rang to change it to Friday.

I don't know if this is typical here, or we have just had really bad luck.

Anyway. I'll get everythign a bit better organised, then I'll post some photos of the place. I have a postal address now. If anyone wants it, just enail me.

First some good news. I entered a layout competition the other day that I won. It was a sketch challenge

I have also been participating in another online chalenge here. here are a few finished layouts.

Sorry, the photos are in the wrong order. I'm sure you can see how the photo shoot layout should look.

Overe at Scrapbook City, the first round of weekly challenges is finished. Congratulations to the winners. The new round has started, which I think I have already mentioned somewhere, so come on over and join in.

That's all my brain will think if at the moment. If I haven't told you about something you are desperate to know, just leave a question in the comment, and I'll fill you in next post.


Anonymous said...

So glad to talk to you yesterday. Sorry about Kyans bed. Things are certainly coming together for you, even though it is taking so long.

Angela said...

wow! you guys have come so far in such a short would take me months to even think about being that organised!!!
nice Lo and congrats on the comp win!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, forgot to congratulate you on the comp win and also the terrific LOs.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your sketch Challenge win!

I'm exhausted just reading your post! Glad everything is starting to fall into place!

Chelle Xx

scrapadel said...

Congratulations on the win Alicia.

Hope you get everything sorted out soon. Bugger about Kyans bed.

Michelle Lindenmayer said...

Glad things are finally coming together for you - must be nice to have some of your things from home. Love those LOs - congrats on the comp win!

Sara Pearcy said...

You know you rock.
xx S.