Friday, November 17

Blog makeover

I decided to have a little play with the new blogger and managed to delete most of my settings, so I have spent the morning completely red-doing my blog. I have added a gallery so I can have one plce for all my work.

Let me know what you think.


Jessica said...

Hey Leish! Apple slinging is done at the pumpkin patch, basically you sling apples to see if you can hit targets! LOL

I would love for you to link me in your blog! :) awesome lady! I've also created a scrap only blog...on blogger. if you are interested.

Joanne Hutchison said...

I did the same thing the other day and now I have deleted all my little extras too. I'll have to sit down over the weekend and fix it all up. I like the new look of your blog.


Kaye said...

This looks ok

Sara Pearcy said...

For once, I have nothing to say.... but I can't leave without commenting!!
xx S.

Anonymous said...

I would love to have you link me girly! Go ahead,I'll do the same :)

Blog looks great!

Kelly said...

The new updates look great! I'm having fun exploring all the links in your sidebar ;)

Willisa said...

Love the new look Leish!!! But then anything with Pink is always a winner with me! :D

So good to see you settling in!

The Norton's said...

Hi Leish! There's no way I'm ready to attempt anything tricky with my blog yet, but I am starting to have lots of fun with it and even helped a friend set one up, don't know why I had trouble with mine it was simple. Anyway please link me with yours although there'll be no scrapping just our fam life. Talk soon, Ang

Brendy said...

Looks great Alicia, I also updated my blog and had plenty of headaches along with it. Not 100% happy with it yet but am getting there!

Michelle Jamieson said...

Hey Leish!

The new blog looks great! Must be the week for it...I've added a slider to my blog! :-)

Chelle Xx

Joanne Bain said...

Hi Alicia
Your new look blog looks fab.
Hvae a great day