Monday, November 20

Dinosaur Wings

We went for dinner the other night at a Thai restaurant. I ordered some chicken wings as an entree. When they come out the lady asked Kyan if he knew what they were. He piped up with "Dinosaur Wings". Very cute and funny.

My Mum has finally got broadband on, and a webcam, so now she gets to see Kyan almost whenever she wants. My sister also got hers connected which is good. I'll get to see her baby nearly straight away when it is born, rather than having to wait til next year when we come home.

I have been busily uploaded layouts into my galleries on my siodebar if anyone is interested. It's nice to have them in one place.

I think that is all I have. I have some new layouts, but I am too slack to get them onto the computer just at the moment.


Anonymous said...

How cute is Kyan and it is so good to be able to see him all the time.

Tanya Reedy said...

just got the new copy of Creating Keepsakes and I love the layout in the Bumble Bee Ad.
Dont you love what kids say. I would love to be able to see what they are thinking. so innocent

jilly said...

Aaaww what a cutie Kyan is!
BTW Alicia, your gallery looks fabbo!

Camilla said...

bren bought me a laptop so i could use our webcam on messenger but this laptop doesnt have the hardware to support it UGH so i have to get someone into add that bit in or whatever it is they do lol. Cant wait to chat to people i hardly see with the webcam.

Anonymous said...

Hey, way to go Kaye, welcome to Broadband. Now if we could just get her to set up a blog! lol!

Love the dinosaur wings comment!

Can't seem to log in to post comment.


Anonymous said...

Hey Alicia
It's Kerri Kyans old kindy teacher....
I have a favour to ask of you since you now live in the USA....if you could please email me at so we could chat that would be great. It's important as it is a suprise for my hubby for christmas and I need to get something sent to Aust but they wont send it to Aus so I thought that you might be able to help me out....Chat to you soon
Kerri :)

Jo said...

Loving your layouts. I really need to get myself a webcam I think.


Anonymous said...


Just been reading your blogs and I it brought tears to my eyes :(. Miss you heaps, call or e-mail your number and address!

Kate B