Wednesday, November 29

Even more layouts

We are having a fairly quiet week here. Michael is in Chicago again, so it is just Kyan and I. We have a few things planned for the weekend though once Michael is home. Hopefully some more ice skating, and we have a Christmas party with Michael's work.

Sara and I made it through another round of survivor. We are into week 9 now which is a pretty good feeling. Only a few weeks left to go. I'll love for it to be a tie between Sara and I. I don;t want to have to come head to head. Erica is still in too, and she does lovely work, so she will probably beat us both.

Here's a layout I did last night for Scrapbook City with the brand new Crate Paper products.
The hat, scarf and gloves set were a gift from Leisa and Kerri when I left, so I did this layout for them. It came together really quickly, but I'm really happy with it.

This one is for another comp at the Scrapbook Supply Company. It's the second layout I did for this entry as I wasn't happy with the first one.

I have another couple of things that are due this week, so I'll work on them tonight while Michael is still away.

My new friend kat from Scrappy Giraffe is sick in hospital at the moment. I'm sure she'll be fine, but spare a thought for her.

No movement on Melissa's baby yet. She's hoping it will come before Christmas. The doctor doesn't seem to think that anything will happen for a while yet, but we are still waiting all day and night for a phone call.

I think that's it for now.


Sara Pearcy said...

Well, I hope Kat is okay. I'm sure she'll be better soon now that she is in care.

Yay for us with Survivor. We are nearly there. I am guessing I will go before you and Erica will probably be in the final for the jury to decide. (Just my prediction.)

I'm thinking of Melissa. My SIL's bub is still in breach, so will probably been born by C-section next week. I'm getting so excited, too.

xx S.

Anonymous said...

Goodluck to you all with Survivor. Love the lo's you have done those colours are just great.

Big Hugs to you all

Michelle Jamieson said...

Congratulations for the Survivor comp! You are both doing really well!

Hope your friend, Kat, is ok and not too serious.

Babies everywhere...seems to be a lot of new bubbas on the way atm!

Chelle Xx

AnnetteL said...

Hi Alicia, your layouts are fantastic! I love the new Crate Paper looks yummo! And congrats on surviving another round of survivor! WTG sending you best wishes for the next round! And Chicago is a lovely city from what I saw when I was there 2 years ago. Take care ... Cheers Annette :0)

Angela said...

hey Leish...looking good luve! Love that pic of NY!!!

Simone said...

Your los are just gorgeous. Love everything about them. I am a former brought up Brissie girl, but now live in Melbourne (for the past 4 yrs). I hope you are settling into American life well. Simone xxoo

Anonymous said...

Gorgoeus LOs Alicia. I love that new Crate paper.

Well done for surviving survivor. Lol

Jessica said...

love the layouts as always! you doodle girl you!!!

Joanne Bain said...

Beautiful layouts Alicia. Huge congrats on making it through to the next round of survivor.
Have a great weekend

Brendy xx said...

How exciting you and Sara are still both in it. Good luck with your next challenge, I love the layouts you have done for this weeks, especially love the colours of the one of you...

Tanya Reedy said...

Hi Alicia
just wondering what the survivor comp is and is there anywhere i can go and look at everyones layouts. I have my fingers crossed for you. Where would we be without the internet?

Tam, I am said...

Alicia, your LO's are great! I love your style.

Anonymous said...

You guys are making me blush! Your work is so beautiful Alicia!

Scrappermania said...

I love!!!! Beautiful layout!!!