Thursday, November 23

Turducken and rain

Well, we have had our first Thanksgiving, but it wasn't all that eventful. It has been raining since last night, so unfortunately we didn't get to go and watch the balloons being inflated. Michael had a quick look after work, and decided it wasn't worth taking Kyan in. We also missed out on the parade, since it was still miserable. It wasn't even certain that the balloons woud fly until the last minute and they flew quite a bit lower than usual It was quite sad watching it on Tv and not actually being there. The rain did make it look pretty unpleasant, so I'm sure it was the right choice.

I cooked my first turkey. It turned out surprisingly well. We had a nice dinner. Kyan once again refered to the turkey as dinosaur. I have no idea where he got it from. He has taken a bit of a liking to Dorothy the Dinosaur, but that has nothing to do with food.

We were watching some show last night and we found out about something called a Turducken. It is a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey, all deboned. Strange!!! We also learned that in the south they deep fry whole turkeys in enormous buckets of fat over an open BBQ flame. Seems extremely dangerous to me, not to mention very unhealthy.

Tomorrow is called Black Friday. It is when all the shops have their major sales like our boxing day sales at home. Some of them have actually started tonight, and some of them start at 5 in the morning. Most of them only go til lunch time. We probably wont go. There isn't really anything we need, and it doesn't sound like a good place to take a baby.

Let's hope that the weather is a bit better by tomorrow. Not sure what the plan is yet.


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Glad your turkey turned out so nicely. Turducken sounds more like a VERY yukky Australian sport, rather than something to cook & eat. Good decision to stay inside with the wet weather.

xx S.

Joanne Bain said...

HI Alicia
Good decision on staying home on account of the weather. I would have done the same thing. Glad to hear your first Thanksgiving went OK for you. You layouts in your previous post are fab. I really like the red background one.
Have a great day

Michelle Jamieson said...

Saw a little bit of footage on Fox this morning. Did look miserable!

Congrats on the turkey! I can safely say I've never cooked one either!

Turducken sounds intresting...??

Chelle Xx

Camilla said...

Turducken does sound interesting and a little strange... I love roasting Turkey alicia i do one every christmas eve with all the trimmings i have made it our own little family tradition... I am a sucker for that lol. Sad to hear u missed the parade i was thinking about you going when i watched an american news show. Take care milly.

Crissy Gaylor said...

Looks like you did well with the turkey. I have never had to cook a full one. Turducken just sounds too strange to me, but they probally think the same of some of the stuff we eat, like vegimite (yuck)
LOL! Take care

Ang said...

Hi Leisha
spoke to Kate Brodsky the other night and she was keen to check out your blog. I must say I love catching up with your world. Glad to hear Thanksgiving was celebrated,
Love Ang