Wednesday, November 8

Please sponsor Shaun

If you have a look on my sidebar, you will see a link under Michael to our friend Shun's blog. Shaun is one of Michael's best friend and best man. Along with his wife, the 4 of us have been friends for about 12 years (wow!)

Anyway, Shaun is taking on the "Movember" challenge. Basically it involves getting sponsorship to grow a mo. The proceeds go towards caner research. Michael found out about it last year, but late. He grew the mo, but didn't do the sponsorship. It certainly spread the word about the cause though.I have a photo somewhere, but I can;t find it just at the moment. The moral of the story, head over to Shaun's blog, leave him some encouragement,and maybe even a donation.

Nothing much going on. The weather was absolutely miserable today. It's a shame we couldn't send some of it home. For those of you reading this in America, it is now level 4 water restrictions at home, because the drought is getting so bad.

Michael and I had a cultural training session last weekend through his work. They had an ex-pat come to speak to us. She (Rachel) has since sent me a heap of links for playgroups and so forth. Today I looked up the Brooklyn Children's Museum and found that they have some classes for toddlers, so I'm planning to head there tomorrow to check it out. I think it's an art class on Thursday's.

A few layouts, then I am off to bed.


Sara Pearcy said...

Gorgeous layouts again, Leish. I love them all.

Good on Shaun. I hope it is all very successful!!

xx S.

Michelle Jamieson said...

Loving your layouts! Kyan is such a cutie!! :-)

Just popped over to Shaun's site! I think it's great, raising money for cancer!

Been raining today, you'll be glad to know....just not enough!

Chelle Xx

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos of Kyan and love the LOs.

Will have a read of Shauns blog and leave him a message.

Hope things go well at the Museum

Anonymous said...

Leisha beautiful layouts as usual especially the "hanging out" one just gorgeous. Have fun at the kids class you might pick up a few new art tricks for scrapbooking. LOL you never know.

Brendy xx said...

Hi Alicia,
I do check out your blog reguarly but have never commented. So here I am!!

I love your layouts, and especially all the new photos from NY are awesome!

Camilla said...

Great idea the movember my brother is doing it aswell and has raised a fair bit of money. He looks weird with a moe though lol.

Anonymous said...

Those lo's are just gorgeous Leish I love them, Great work Well Done!

Joanne Bain said...

Hi Alicia
Love your layout especially the first one..My hubby and Brother In Law do the Movemeber thing to it raises money for a great cause.
Have a great day

Anonymous said...

OMGoodness Alicia what wonderful layouts, my fav is hanging out, unreal.

And what a great cause.

Have a great week Alica.