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Saturday, July 15

A new design opportunity- Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts

Hi all, and welcome to my very first post with Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts. It's been a little while since I have had a chance to really play around with chipboard so I was excited to see what I could come up with. I love the delicate scroll work in this memo board piece. With such a big open area to play with, I really wanted to experiment with some different textures. In addition to the memo board base, I also used some really pretty Swirl Medallion pieces in two different sizes to become my focal point in my background.

So here is what the memo board project will look like when it comes to you. It's a pretty simple one to put together, and in fact the tabs are all one way, so it is literally impossible to get them in the wrong way :) The next pic is the board once assembled. Since I was painting my project I assembled it before I started to decorate. Sometimes if I am covering with paper, I might do that before assembling.

 Since I know I was going to be adding lots of paint to this piece, I started with couple of coats of white gesso. This serves a few different purposes. It primes my surface so that it will accept the paint layers without compromising the chipboard and making it soggy. It also allows the paint colors to really pop. I was sure to get into all the edges of the scroll work too, so that even the parts where the colored paint didn't hit, the project still looks complete.

Next, I added my chipboard pieces to the background. You can see that I cut the larger Swirl Medallion into two pieces and aligned them along the edge of the project. This is a great way to extend your design across a larger project creating a cohesive look. I also added a Meadow Flowers piece which I also cut into two to add to the different layers of the project. I also added a few decorative metal pieces. I again covered these all in gesso. 

I then added some texture paste through stencils, some mesh tape and some crackle paint, all to add some more interest to my background. While it looks a little busy at first, then co-ordinating paints over the top help to blend it all together. 

Once dry (I used a heat tool to speed up the process, plus it also allows my texture paste to bubble up even higher). I started with the paler green paint sprays first, dabbing with paper towel if it got too splotchy, and heating between layers. I then added the lighter blues, then the darker colors using the same process until I was happy with the effect.

Next I added some extra highlights using acrylic glaze paints and a small brush, allowing it to fill into some of the spaces in the Swirl Medallions. Finally, when dry, I dry brushed some gold paint over the relief areas of the project. 

When I was happy with the way the colors looked and everything was dry, I embellished the project with gauze, flowers and leaves, creating clusters with the vines and large flowers first, then tucked in the smaller flowers. These wont really be seen once I pop a little notebook into the tray, but when empty, it should make a nice decorative piece on my wall.

Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts supplies:
Swirl medallions - Coming soon
Meadow Flowers - Coming soon

Other supplies:
Handmade texture paste
Ranger stencil
Memory box stencil
Ranger crackle paint
Lindy's Stamp Gang paint sprays: T-Bird turquoise, C'est la vie cerise, Merry-go-round green, Delphinium turquoise, Tilt-a-wheel teal
Silks acrylic glaze: Ocean wave, Olive green, Sunflower
Metal charms
Mesh tape
Prima flowers
Paper roses


Friday, July 14

Putting the ART in party with Ruby Rock-It |Alicia Barry|

I recently posted some party invitations I made using the new Bella! Glitz glitter card stock. Here they are in case you missed them:

This past weekend was the party, and I made a few more things to co-ordinate using the same cardstock. The main thing I created was a treat stand. I have had this red one for years, and while still perfectly functional, the red was a bit plain for an art party, so I saw a really cute idea online somewhere of a palette shaped serving plate, and decided to extend on the idea to create this art themed stand. 

The before picture:

First I got some foam board fromt he dollar store, and using my original plate as a size guide, sketched out a palette shape. I made a smaller one for the top also.  I marked out where the slots would need to be cut. 

Next I cut it out. The easiest way that I found, was to use a sharp knife. I heated the blade over a flame (I used my gas stove). Be aware that the foam does smell as it burns, so outside would probably be a better option. I did have to keep re-heating the knife, but it worked perfectly.  The holes didn't need to be perfect, as I planned to cover over the edges anyway. 

I then just covered the base with strips if coloured card stock (Use liquid adhesive, this stuff is thick). I covered the plates in card stock, thenI traced the holes and cut them cut a little smaller so I could hide the rough edges. I needed to do the bottom plate in sections, as it was quite large. 

I hand cut some paint splatters to sit on top where the rainbow jelly cups would sit.  I made the popcorn cups from some plain, coloured card stock I had on hand. (Gitter would have looked great, but some glitter does rub off, so not good for food). 

For the top, I adhere some wooden sticks to a large brush from the dollar store. The bristles hid them perfectly, and then poked down the sides of the stand.

I also made some simple favours to go with the party. Strips of glitter card stock wrapped around water bottles is so simple, but looked really great on the table. I found the images online for free. The tag was for a party bag. I printed the label from the net, then mounted it on glitter cardstock.  I love how the card stock brought all of the elements of the party together.

Here's the painting table. The paint tins on the table have paint drips around the top also made with glitter card stock. The banner is made from paint chips from the hardware store with Happy Days glitter letters attached. So simple and easy. 

Supplies used:

Monday, May 15

Celebrating Mother's Day with Ruby Rock-It |Alicia Barry|

It's almost Mother's Day, so I have been busy creating some pretty cards to celebrate. Both of these were made using the Faded Empire range. I really love the colours and patterns in these papers. 

I love to use layers on my cards, but I find these papers are quite similar in colour, so the layers can sometimes blend together more than I would like. To combat this, I use foam tape between the layers, and distress the edges to help them stand out from the next layer. I also like to use bit of white such as in my die cuts, and corrugated board to help break up the colour. 

Supplies used:

Thursday, April 13

Tropical Paradise with Heartfelt Creations

It's time for another new collection from Heartfelt Creations. This one is called Tropical Paradise, and it is full of tropical birds and foliage and plumeria flowers. Anyone from home knows them as frangipani flowers, which are one of my favourite flowers. I love the way they smell.

Escape to an exotic paradise where the air is warm, lush rainforests are filled with the calls of outlandish birds of paradise, and the day begins and ends with the most spectacular array of colors!  Heartfelt Creations invites you to slip away to utopia with the new Tropical Paradise Collection!  Filled with bright and vibrant colors, the exquisitely designed paper collection will transport you to a tropical island with its fiery sunset reds, dazzling sunny yellows, deep ocean blues and rich leafy greens!  Discover the unique and breathtaking birds that call this exotic place home, from toucans to parrots, flamingos and cockatoos which have all been beautifully illustrated and assembled into three dynamic cling stamp sets and coordinating dies!  Further your equatorial escape with realistically shaped plumeria flowers most commonly known for their inclusion in traditional Hawaiian leis boasting blossoms in pinks, whites, reds and yellows amid their large, leafy foliage.  Join us as we walk the warm, sandy beaches and the glistening ocean laps at the shoreline and help us bid a warm Aloha to the new Tropical Paradise Collection!

If you haven't been already, I highly suggest you watch Emma Lou's video on the blog today. Not only does it give you a far better look at some of the projects from the blog, but she will show you step by step how to shape the flowers. I for one had some trouble with them at first, and that's with 3 years of Heartfelt flower making behind me. They are not difficult once you know how, but they are not as obvious to make if you haven't been shown. Emma Lou also recommends you use a hot glue gun for these flowers, and I really want to back her up on that, it makes them so much easier, especially with the smallest size. I've just made 200 of them, and couldn't have done it with regular glue. 

Here's my first project with this collection:

 This was made with a combination of hand cut pre-printed elements and stamped images. I wish you could see how dimensional it is in real life. 

See loads more on the blog, plus get the written instructions for anything you want to try your hand at. 

Tuesday, April 11

Celebrating Easter with Ruby Rock-It |Alicia Barry|

With Valentine's Day now past, it is time to start looking to Easter. I have been wanting to do a hot air balloon for ages, (well another one, this is my second, but in a different style). I was inspired by Teresa Horner's recent post where she created an Easter banner for her mantle. She used the pastel colours of the Hearts and Stripes range, which made me think of all things fresh and new which of course is the epitome of Easter.  

So, moving on, I created this gift basket style of hot hair balloon using a paper lantern for the top. I used the pastels from the Hearts and Stripes range to cover the basket, and to create a co-ordinating mini banner for the balloon as well as the basket. This was then adorned with bling.

I used Happy Days paper to fussy cut floral pieces to create the base for the floral cluster, then topped with Bella! florals. Some more bling accentuates the main floral cluster.

The letters are mini wood veneers coloured with a Copic marker. 

Notice the mini bows from the Fundamentals embellishments on the posts holding up the balloon.

Supplies used:

Friday, April 7

Easter time with Heartfelt Creations

It is almost time for a new product release over at Heartfelt Creations, but I really wanted to take a week out to go back and work some more with the Flowering Dogwood collection. I think this is one of my favourite ranges. The colours are soft and pretty and the flowers are very sweet. 

This range even gave me an opportunity to go back and do some fussy cutting, which I haven't done in ages. 

If you look over on the blog you will see that many of the designers have done the same thing, and gone back to re-visit old collections. This wasn't planned, it just happens that way sometime and is a good opportunity to go back and give those collections a second look. 

At the same time as looking back, I'm sure you are looking forward to the new collection, so lucky for you, you will also catch a glimpse of that over on the blog.

Sunday, March 26

Vintage oversized tags with Ruby Rock -It |Alicia Barry|

This week I thought I would try something a little different. I decided to make some tags instead of cards. The more I thought about what I wanted to include on them, the more I realised that it was time to go big. These are not your everyday gift tags. They are each 9 inches tall and 4 inches wide. 

I included lots of layers, and textured and details, and tried to showcase the Bella florals as central to my theme. 

I used Faded Empire, picking out the papers with blue tonings. I fussy cut butterfies from a second sheet of the paper and used the journaling tags paper for my bottom layers. 

 I used corrugated card stock in white along with white card stock, white doilies and white flowers to distinguish between my many layers. 

I added twine and bling for contrasting texture. 

I accentuated the florals with die cut leaves made from the same paper collection. 

Supplies used: