Friday, December 15

Santa Sleigh table decoration with Ruby Rock-It

A few weeks ago, I created a hanging pinecone wreath to add to my Christmas display. You can see it here. 

Today, I have created a Santa Sleigh table centrepiece to match. I bought this timber sleigh at the goodwill store for $4. It is quite large, about 18 inches long at least. It wasn't bad as it was, but it does have a corner that has been broken off and re-glued (quite badly), plus it is in traditional green. This wasn't going to work with my colour scheme.

First step was to clean it down, and prime it with a coat of white spray paint, paying particular attention to the surfaces that I didn't plan to recover. 

I then traced out the sides onto the back of my gltiz cardstock. Both sides are obviously the same, I only needed to trace once, then cut a mirror image version. The sides are very large, so I needed to use two sheets for each side, with a seam, but that was then disguised. I choose to use a separate colour for the blades of the sleigh.

I used hot glue to adhere the papers, since they are heavier than regular cardstock. 

 Once that was done, it was just a matter of decorating. I put some florist foam blocks into the bottom, both to create some height and also to have something to anchor the branches into. I have used real Christmas tree branches. I simply went to the Home Depot and asked for the offcuts from the tree trimming. (I also use these the bulk up my banister garland). For those of you back home in Australia, sorry, I guess you will have to stick with artificial garland. At this point I also tucked in a strand of battery powered string lights, so it will sparkle in the night time.

I positioned my candles, which I embellished with pieces of leftover glitz cardstock. I trimmed the branches into manageable pieces and tucked into the foam, so that they would surround the candles. Be sure to allow plenty of space for the wick if you are using real candles.

Next, I tucked in some pinecones that we collected from the park. and tucked some large silk flowers into the foliage. I took some squares of deco mesh, and rolled them on the diagonal, and tucked them in at random places to add some colour.  I also added some small silver baubles.

You may find you need to tweak things a little to have the arrangement looking just right, by honestly, this is a sophisticated project, that was actually deceptively simple to put together. 

Supplies used:

Tuesday, December 12

Christmas Lantern with Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts

I love decorating for the holidays. It is one of my favorite things to do. This year, I have been adding some handmade pieces to my collection. I recently created an Advent Calendar, which you can see here.  I have made a pinecone wreath and I am working on a Santa sleigh table decoration.  This week, I have created a pretty little lantern post decoration.

I started with the Gypsy Soul Industrial Lantern kit.

I covered the whole thing in black gesso. You will need to paint the inside as well, since you can see straight through the sides. I found it easier to do this first, before assembling. 

I wanted my lantern to stand upright as a table decoration, so I created a stem from rolled up cardboard (paper town inner), and covered in black cardstock. I cut flaps into the top and hot glued it to lantern base, which I also covered in black gesso.  I then stuck the stem into a floral foam base, covered in black cardstock. I painted the top of the foam in black gesso too. 

Next, I wanted to create a decorative base for the lantern, so I layered two circular chipboard pieces. I covered them in white gesso, then glitter. Notice how I have used slightly different glitter on each piece, so they would stand out from each other, while still having a cohesive look. I adhered them with a thick layer of hotglue, to give a little dimension between the layers. I backed the base in black cardstock, to have a surface to adhere the lantern to.

I wanted to mimick the delicate design on the base, at the bottom of the layer, so I used a Wrought Iron border piece in a similar design, and just cut it to fit each side.

Then it was time to decorate. I applied texture paste with fine glitter to mimic snow, then embellished with tiny pinecones, flowers, leaves and some ribbon.

This lantern is the perfect size for a tiny battery operated tea light.

Supplies used:

Wednesday, December 6

Pinecone Wreath with Ruby Rock-It

Thanksgiving is finished here in The States, which means I have the official go-ahead to do all things Christmas. A few years ago, I changed up my theme to blue, silver and gold. The tree is under control and I am gradually adding new items to decorate my house. I've been meaning to make this for about two years now. Finally I got to it.

Today, I have used some new Francheville fine glitter to create a wreath for my front door. This is super cheap to make, as the kids and I collected the pinecones from the park on the way to school. Try to choose some that still have a bit of the stem attached, as it makes attaching the ribbon a little easier. A little tip, if you are planning to give this a go with real found pinecones like we did, bake them in the oven for a while first, to make sure there is nothing living inside there. It makes them smell nice too.

To start, I sprayed with a little white paint to help the glitter to show up more brightly. I didn't use a lot and wasn't trying to cover the whole thing. I still wanted the natural colour to show through from the bottom.

 Once dry, I sprayed with spray adhesive. The glitter bottles come with two sides. A sprinkling side and a pouring side. I didn't want to over do it, so I just used the sprinkling side. I used a combination of three colours of glitter. Be sure to place a piece of paper under you to catch the excess, and then use that for the next pinecone. I only used a bout a third of each bottle to make this entire project. A little goes a long way. Hold the pinecone from the top when you sprinkle, so you don't waste the glitter by it falling to the inside of the pinecone.

I used some of the same ribbon that I use on my Christmas tree to create a three layered bow at the top with a white ribbon loop. The flower are foliage area a pick from the craft store. I also use these on my tree so that everything matches.  I thread some long loops of ribbon through the back of the bow.

I adhered the ends of the ribbon to the tops of the pinecones using hot glue, and finished with a bow. For a large heavy pinecone like this, I adhered a small light one on the opposite end of the loop . I could also adjust these loops so that the pinecones all hung at different heights. 

The finished project on my front door.

Stay tuned for my next project, which is a large wooden Santa sleigh centrepiece that will also match this. 

Supplies used:
Francheville glitter

Tuesday, November 28

Advent Calendar

So Thanksgiving is over and I hope everyone had a wonderful day. Now it is all about Christmas. This is a big deal in our house. I love to decorate. I have created this Advent Calendar Shadowbox to fit in with my tree decor. My tree is aqua with gold and silver. Not so traditional.

The Advent calendar kit will give you the structure of the shadow box, including a template for the boxes. You can also purchase the Pre-cut Drawers separately. This will save you a lot of time. You simply fold along the score lines, glue the tabs and you're done.

I chose to cover mine with paper. It was as simple as cutting strips and wrapping around. For the notch in the front, I covered two of the sides, starting at the back, then traced the inside of the notch and cut with scissors before adhering the last two sides. I found it important to glue those two sides first, as it allowed me to place the notch perfectly. Of course, you could just paint the boxes too. Whatever you use, keep it simple and adhere closely, as the spots for the boxes to slide into are tight.

For this project, I chose to assemble and adhere my shadow box into place before painting. I knew I would be covering most of the surfaces with paper, and that the insides wont be seen at all, so the only surface I really needed to worry about are the forward facing edges. A quick spray with metallic paint mists was sufficient, and far quicker than painting. Don't worry about the overspray, it will be covered.

I then slotted my boxes into place and lined the inside of the shadow box with decorative paper. 

At this point, I also added metallic numbers to the front of the boxes using foam dots. By raising them, they act as little handles.

Next I took some Art Deco Borders and Corners and covered with white gesso and fine glitter. I wanted them to look snowy. I adhered these in place as shown, making sure that the boxes could still slide out easily.

I decorated the inside corner of the shadow box with a lamp post image from the Christmas Shape Set, layering a wreath and bow over the top. These also had glitter added. I used a little texture paste with more glitter to resemble snow. The base of the shadow box has some batting glued in place. A tiny drop of dimensional paint resembles the flame.

I then added some small pinecones and foliage along with a small Christmas ornament. (I recommend using a hot glue gun at this point). This all has texture paste and glitter over the top.

In the top corner, I have hung some more snow covered Christmas balls.

And on the very top of the box, I have created another cluster to mirror the one on the bottom.

Now to find some tiny treats to fill all those boxes ready for the start of December.

Supplies used:

My Mind's Eye papers
Embroidery thread
Lindy's Stamp Gang paint mists
Ranger distress ink
Silks paint
Francheville fine glitter
Ranger dimensional paint
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Saturday, October 14

Colours of fall cards with Ruby Rock-It

Fall is in full swing here in Northern California which inspired me to create these cards in bright fall colours using Ranger mini inks and Francheville cards sets.

To start with, I used the Bella ! Champagne Bubbles clear stamp with Ranger Victorian Velvet Distress paint on the background and then heat set. I then applied Ranger distress ink all over the cards in a circular motion using the mini blending tool. I used a combination of pinks, purples, yellow and browns to create this effect. I then used a mini mister to spray water across the card which had a bleaching effect on the Distress ink.

For this card I used a Fundamentals doily, then a piece of patterned paper from the Faded Empire collection. (great way to use scraps from former projects). I used the same inks to colour my Sentiment Topper, and finished with some Bella! florals and some Droplets.

For the second card I used the same formula with a little more yellow in the mix. I used the same combination of embellishments, but turned my card to the side and created a cascading cluster from the top corner. 

Francheville card set

Ranger Distress ink: Spun Sugar, Pickled Raspberry, Worn Lipstick, Milled Lavender, Tattered Rose, Victorian Velvet, Shaded Lilac, Seedless Preserves, Brushed Corduroy, Gathered Twigs.

Friday, October 13

Fall Wagon with Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts

One of the things I love most about moving to live in the States is decorating for the holidays.  Back in Australia, it's really only Christmas, but here, I get to decorate for three months straight across three different's awesome! My front porch is already covered in all things fall, and since I was in a fall mood, I decided to decorate this cute Gypsy Wagon to match. I've had this one for a while now waiting for the perfect plan. It was one of the first things I chose from the Gyspy Soul Laser Cuts shop, and I am super pleased with the way it turned out.

Your kit will come flat and has a lot of pieces. Don't be overwhelmed by this. It's not as hard to piece together as it looks. In fact, it's quite simple. Unfortunately I was too excited to put it together and forgot to take step by step pics. I'll try to explain as best I can. Here's what you are aiming for:

A few things to note. If you plan to paint the wagon, or cover it in paper,  I find it much easier to do it before assembling. Just be careful not to paint the tabs or fill the slots with paint. I chose not to add the door to the front of mine. If you decide to add it, do it before you decorate.

Here's what the base will look like. There are little cogs to attach the wheels to the axel. They are small, be careful not to lose them. If you want the wheels to move, I definitely suggest painting each piece separately before assembly, so they don't dry together.

Here's the underside. I also decided to paint the decorative siding in gold after priming with gesso. (see the next picture also).

The sides all slot together. It should be pretty obvious. I again painted the decorative corners in gold.

I have chosen to keep my roof piece separate. It can slot in, but I wanted to be able to remove it. At the moment, I have some battery operated tea lights in there, but I also  plan to put some pumpkin spice scented pot pourrie inside, so I want to be able to change it out each year. For the roof, you will see a number of long slats, plus 4 end pieces. Two have the tabs for the assembly, and two are plain to cover over the slats once completed. Use liquid adhesive to glue the slats at one end, then flip and attach at the other end once dry.

I took strips of patterned paper and used a border punch to create the decorative slat effect for the roof. You could also paint it, or cover it in textured material. I rolled a strip of paper and adhered to the centre of the roof.

Notice how my cascading flowers continue from the roof down the side of the wagon, then draws the eye to the smaller cluster in the front of the wagon.

Supplies used:

Heartfelt Creations paper
Silks paint:sunflower
paper sunflowers and roses
mesh gauze