Wednesday, August 30

Getting there.

So much has happened since I last blogged. I have been here I promise, but by the time I do all my other little bits and pieces on the computer, I run out of time to post. Thanks to everyoen who keeps checking in, and best of all to those of you who leave messages. Sorry If I don;t get back to you straight away. I will eventually though.

So, since last time.... the cyber crop went really well. There was much fun to be had by all. A few special mentions to San for her "changing incident", Jen for her 4 litres of wine, and Louise for her cheekiness in the trivia and of course a big What the??? for the 27 pages of chat!!! Well done to all of the winners. It was very hard to choose the winners, everyone did such a great job.

On Saturday we had our good friends Shaun and Lesleigh come up from Sydney to visit before we leave. My BIL and his girlfriend came over as did the lovely Sara. I wont go into details, but it was a very fun day/night.

On Sunday night we headed over to another friend's place for dinner which was lovely.

Last night was my farewell party at Scrapbook City. Leisa and Kerri are such wonderful and generous ladies. I'll really niss them. It seems that they need 2 people to fill my 1 space so Sara and Giovanna have jumped on board.

I still have a hige amount of packing to do, so I better get on with it and get off this computer.

Here are a couple of pictures to leave you with.

11 sleeps to go!


Michelle Jamieson said...

Hey Leish!

Was soooo excited after checking the Scrapbbok City forum this afternoon. Very excited indeed!!

Had a great time last night! Was fun meeting lots of people that I chat to online...and putting faces to names!

Not long to go now.....:-)

Chelle Xx

jilly said...

Wow Alicia - its coming up waaaaaaaay to quickly now! Keep us informed!

Peta said...

Well my dear I can't read your blog without a tear in my I have said before I just wish I had of taken the time to get to know you earlier!!!!!

not long to go now!!!!!

Michelle Lindenmayer said...

Hey Alicia - didn't get a chance to say goodbye last night. I hope that you enjoyed your party!

Sara Pearcy said...

10 sleeps, now. When did it change to counting down in sleeps?? :(

The party was fun. The cyber crop was great. OMGosh, I'm still laughing after Saturday afternoon/night!

xx S.

Anonymous said...

Alicia, a big good luck from me, I hope everything goes really well, and at least you have your blog to keep in touch with. Love the layouts, I especially love KI Memories layout love how you have put it together, and the arrows, work really well.

I am so pleased the party went well, I wish I could have been there. I would love to have met everyone, even though you were leaving.

Best Wishes

Sara said...

Sounds like you are having fun in your final weeks.

The layouts looks fab as always.

ScrapManda said...

You're amazing - still scrappin' in all the craziness of getting ready to leave!! Hope your last day of school tomorrow is wonderful.

Jeepie said...

I am sorry I missed your going away party.

I don't think i will see you before you leave. It will be a very exciting adventure for you.
Take care

Jenny said...

Yes it was a nice little farewell I am glad I went. The cybercrop was fabulous. Take care and we will see you on the other side. Don't take too long before you re-connect to DownUnder