Monday, August 7

It's all on!

We are so unbelievably busy at the moment. I'm not surprised though. I knew it would be full ion once we got the offer. Poor Michael has had a mountain of paper work to do. It;s all worth it though. Tomorrow I have to go and get a new passport since my current one will run out before the visa does. I'm going to have to pay extra now to get it early. We then have to go to Sydney to the American consulate to get the visa's. Luckily we can get appointments for both fairly soon. I also have the removalists coming on Thursday to give us some idea of how much we can take.

We spent a fair bit of time yesterday cleaning out the garage and got rid of a heap of stuff to go to the tip. Last night I soent more time in my scrap room. I'm almost down to the stuff that I plan to take now. It's been good to have a big clean out.

My sister came down on Saturday to collect a trailer load of furniture. Things are moving slowly but surely. We went to Mum's on Saturday night for dinner with some family friends.

Last week I spent some time with Sara and Ang doing a bit of a photo shoot. I've really missed just hanging out with these girls, especially Ang. I get to see Sara more often. It was really great to spend the day together like we used to. We got some great shots. Ang really knows how to set up a good shot. I even like the photos of myself. I have a heap to print. They should keep me from missing them too much in the first couple of months.

Have done a little bit of scrapping, but mostly for bumblebee. I have a layout and an add in the new scrapbook creations, but I haven't seen it yet.


Sara Pearcy said...

Great layouts, Leish. I really love that photo of you and Zane.

Great to see that the ball is finally rolling and you are getting things organised and ready.

xx S.

jilly said...

LO's stunning as always Alicia!..I can't imagine what its like moving to another country - wow, so many decisions!

scrapadel said...

The LOs are gorgeous. Wow, sounds like all the prep for the trip is coming together fast.

Scrapmanda said...

How have you got time to scrap my dear with so much going on?? Lovin' your LO's especially the doodling/flowers in the one with Zane!

Sharyn said...

Sounds like it's full steam ahead Alicia. We are all really going to miss you. But thanks to the cyber world at least we can still keep in touch. I love those LO's. Take care.

Crissy Gaylor said...

I have moved overseas before to live for a couple of years. I was only a teen and it was terrifing! But, it was a once in a life time opportunity and I am glad that I went.
I realize that you must be scared and excited at the same time (I know my stomach was full of butterflies constantly) but you still have your friends here to support you and I am sure you will make great new friends over there also.
Life is short Leisha, enjoy the ride! Best of luck with your move and stay in touch.

:) Crissy

Michelle Lindenmayer said...

You sound so busy Alicia, I know you were also at SC today. Looking forward to picking up my new DT kit! You always do such a good job of putting it together.

Angela said...

Have fun can be quite theraputic.

Don't forget my copy of those shots!!! Glad you liked them...they were fun to take!

Michelle Jamieson said...

Wow, Leish, how do you organise a house to go to another country? Way too much organisation, I'd say!

Love your L/O's....they are just beautiful!

By the way, are you going to be teaching in the US?

Chelle Xx

Sara said...

Your right, the whole stress and agonising is going to be well worth it. The layouts look great as always.