Thursday, August 24

So cute

The cutest thing just happened. When we got home I put Kyan down for a rest as he was pretty grizzly. I could hear him starting to play so I went to investigate. I could tell he was near the door, so I knocked a few times, to be met with giggles. I opened the door just a littel to be confronted with Kyan atop his bike, I didn't even realise he had taken it in there. So cute. He is riding up and down the hall at the moment.

Not much else to tell, but lots going on of course. 6 school days left. For anyone who doesn't already know, Kerri and Leisa are having a bit of a farewell on Tuesday night for me at the shop, from 4-7. I'd love to see anyone who is in the local area.

The kids watched a skipping demonstration by the Sherwood Arrows today.They are a team of primary school children who do the most amazing skipping tricks. The kids really enjoyed it too.

Not much scrapping getting done. I wouldn't mind sitting down and doing a little tonight.

Tomorrow night, I am hosting my very forst Cyber crop at Scrapbook City. It should be heaps of fun and some great prizes too, so please come along and say Hi. We are up to 98 users at the moment, and I'm hoping to get to 100 by tomorrow night, so if you haven't been to check it out yet, please do so. We are very nice, I promise.


francineA said...

yes ill be there with bells on the crop that

Michelle Jamieson said...

Me too Leish!

I'll be at Scrapbook city tomorrow night too!

Did you get a pic of Kyan this afternoon? Sounds like a cutie!

Chelle Xx

Sara said...

Sounds like Kyan just wanted to get home and ride his bike!! LOL.

I will be at the cybercrop. Really looking forward to it.

Nicole Rayner said...

How cute. Cyber crop sounds like fun, good luck.

Lara said...

Hi Alicia - had to visit your blog after seeing your comment on Scrapadels blog. I have a daughter named Alicia and from your blog title figure we say it the same :-)

off to check out scrapbook city.

Julie LOVE said...

Hope you had fun at the cyber crop :0)


Scrapmanda said...

Glad to cyber crop was a big success Leish - unfortunately I didn't get a chance to do any of the challenges - this time :( See you Tuesday afternoon :)

Carole Janson said...

The Cyber Crop was heaps of fun and you were so excellent, thanks Alicia I had a ball.

Is today the party Tuesday, if it is I hope you have a lovely time.