Tuesday, August 15

Please say hi.

Not much to say today. Have been busy working on DT layouts. Will have more to show tomorrow.
I have spent a little bit of time fixing up my sidebar today. If you visit please remember to say Hi, so I know you have been and I can add you to my sidebar.
Meanwhile, I am getting really tired of those anonymous comments. Sara gave me the instructions to put word verification on, but I am putting it on as I don't particularly like having to do it all the time on other blogs and I donlt want my visitors to have to do it, but they are getting more frequent. We'll see how long I can hold out.


lusi said...

Hi Leish! I just tried to log onto your blog about 5 mins ago and my pooter wouldn't play nicely. So I checked my inbox while I was waiting, and there's a lovely comment from you on my blog - how cool is that for timing!!!
Thanks mate about my niece; she was talking well tonight but is pretty sore. She's a real trooper though! :)
And those anonymous comments get really annoying huh -I had 17 in just one day from some SPAM place...annoying!
Anyhoo, I love dropping by! Take care,
Lus x

Tammy James said...

Hi Leish,
Thanks for saying Hi on my blog too as yet I have not experienced the 'anon' factor but have been seeing it around a bit lately.

Kylie said...

hello! thanks for popping into my blog! how annoying is spam!? you can also disallow anon comments... somewhere hehe

scrapadel said...

Try moderating your messages then you have to allow them to be shown or delete them.

Hope this helps Alicia.

Angela said...

hi there! blog surfing with my good hand here!!!
looking forward to seeing what else you come up with!

Cass said...

Hi Leish,
Just dropping in to say hello! :D
Take care, Cass

mich said...

Hi Leish... thanks for dropping by my blog. I had a hard time finding your blog, ma'am, cos you gave us the wrong URL on Scrap Pile. LOL ...

OK...read that you are moving... may I know where to ..? Melbourne, perhaps? Then we should organise a crop? :)

cheers, michelle

peta said...

Alicia thanks for the comment on my blog ....I hope to catch up with you soon!!

Sara Pearcy said...

Hi Leish, thought about making an Anon post, but changed my mind. Just saying HI back! I've been a bad blogger and bad blogging friend. Will have to get back onto the blog trail!

xx S.

Chrissy said...

LOL Sara that is naughty!! *giggle* I hate the anon commenters too Leish, so annoying, I've had a few recently too. *sigh*

Have had heaps of fun catching up with your blog, just loving those fab LOs you've shared, sooo gorgeous!

Chrissy xx

Joanne Hutchison said...

It's very exciting now that everything is moving along at a great rate. We will miss you. I don't get comments on my blog let alone anon ones. I have the verification on there "just in case" though.

Michelle Lindenmayer said...

Love your EKKA layouts on the site - congratulations, they were great and you really deserved the prizes you received. Really happy with the forum at SC. Glad to be a part of something so exciting.

Scrapmanda said...

Hi Leish!

Sara said...

Just saying hi!!!

Kathy said...


Just found my way here through various links (as you do) and as you've asked readers to say "hi" I thought I'd take you up one it!

Hi from England

Shirls said...

i see a lot of lurkers delurking..lol. you know i drop by and wil continue to do so when you move to ny, so dont forget to update your blog:)

Jasmine said...

Hi Leish :) Thanks for dropping by my blog the other day.
Wow - what a HUGE move you're making, how exciting!!! I hope it all goes smoothly for you :)

Tanya Reedy said...

Hi leisha, I met you at the Alex retreat and have been reading your blog ever since. Love your pages! Hope you have a good time in America, I am so jealous!!! Just saying hi cause you asked us to.
Tanya xxxooo

Carole Janson said...

Hi Alicia, your blog is looking good, love the top banner, looks great. Have a great Day.


Jen said...

Just saying HI "HI" hope everything is coming along nicely for you and yours.Phenergan take lots of Phenergan on the plane. If Kyan won't take it you take it lol. All the best

Shelley said...

Hi Leisha,

I love your work and check in regularly to check out your latest creations.

Just thought i'd say HI!

Take Care,
Shelley Turner.
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Scrapbooking Products Again.