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Tuesday, August 1

New forum

Exciting news, Scrapbook City now have their much awaited forum and gallery up at www.scrapbookcity.com.auI'd love to see everyone come and visit. It's just the beginning, look out for heaos more to be added, and a special cyber crop really soon. Congrats to Leisa and Kerri. I know it's been frustrating for them, but so worth the wait.


Sara Pearcy said...

Woohoo!! I've already been there way too much today!
xx s.

Carole Janson said...

Hi Alicia, good luck with the move, and I hope you have a ball. Love your layout, capturing the memory.

scrapadel said...

Heading over there now.

Thanks for the heads up Alicia.

Leone said...

Woohoo another place to chat! Look forward to seeing you there.

Ms Zane said...

Well - I am finally caught up on your blog! I was sooo far behind!! Now the challenge will be to stay up to date... I hope things are going smoothly with getting ready for NY. My thoughts are with you! xox

Anonymous said...

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