Thursday, August 10

New design team members

The new forum at Scrapbook City is going well. Hi to all those who have joined up, and if you haven't, why not??? I am hosting my forst ever cyber crop on the 25th of August, so I am looking forward to that.

We also have some new design team members so that's exciting too.

Everything else is mving along at an alarming rate. I had the removalist come today to give me an idea of what we can take. There's more paperwork to be done. You should see the size of Michael's file now. At least 3 inches thick. Not long to go now.

I have almost completely packed away my scrap room, although all my essentials are accessible. Good thing too because I have a heap of DT work to do. Speaking of which I better go and get some photos printed.


Sara said...

Just keep thinking of the goal at the end of the stressing and paperwork.

Look forward to seeing what you create soon.

Sara said...
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Michelle Jamieson said...

You'll get there...all seems a bit daunting now, I suppose!

Chelle XX

scrapadel said...

Might have to pop over and have a look at the forum if you are running the CC.

Sara Pearcy said...

Wow.... I can't believe the weeks are ticking away so fast! See you tonight.
xx S.

Crissy Gaylor said...

A lot to organise (I know the feeling) I have been told that my scrapping stuff has to be all packed away by the end of this weekend!!!
But it will all get done and you will be on your way before you know it.
take care

Jen said...

Ohh this must be getting so exciting for you. Good luck and I hope it goes smoothly