Sunday, November 12

Miserable weather

We had plans to do all sorts of things today but the weather is awful outside. We did manage to make it to an "Aussie" pie shop this morning. The pies were good.

I got myself a pair of ice skates yesterday. They cost almost $10 to hire, and I got my own pair for $50. Should save us a bit of money. The rink right near Michael's work is free too.

I took Kyan to the Brooklyn Children's Museum. We haven't seen the whole place yet, but they have a toddlers room with toys, a water trough, sand box, etc, plus they do classes there. Kyan seemed to have a good time, although he didn't stick to any one activity for more than a minute at a time. He seemed to like the sandbox the best. The sand was blue and glittery. Will probably go again this Wednesday for story telling.

We have a couple of things planned this week with Rachel (from Australia). One of which is the Butterfly conservatory. No idea what that is really, but I like butterflies.

I have started a new forum over at Scrapbook City for all the new stuff that came out of CHA. Here are a couple of the layouts.

Better go. I need to do my sample project for this week's challenge.


Anonymous said...

sounds like you are enjoying yourelf and Kyan is getting used to being in a different place.
Love your lo's.

Anonymous said...

Fancy owning your own skates. Great

Michelle Jamieson said...

Great buy on your skates! :-)

Love both L/O's. Can't wait to see what's in store for this weeks challenge.

Hope the weather gets a bit better, although you can always stay inside and scrap?

Chelle Xx

Joanne Bain said...

Hi Alicia
loving your layouts really like your first taste one..Hope you have fun with your skates.
Have a great day

AnnetteL said...

Hi Alicia! Enjoy your new skates and ice skating! Sounds like heaps of fun! Wow blue glittery sand that sounds different to the type we get here in Oz! LOL I adore your LO's especially the leaves one. I love the see through effect on LO's and you have done a fabo job on those flowers! Hope you have a great week.
Cheers Annette :0)

AnnetteL said...

Oh I hope you don't mind but I have linked your blog to mine if that's okay? Let me know if it isn't...

Anonymous said...

Wow, just being able to skate, would be so wonderful.

Loving your autumn layout Alicia just so gorgeous, and your winter layout is lovely.

Best Wishes

Kelly said...

Your layouts are beautiful! I especially like the colors of the bottom one :)

Sara Pearcy said...

You'll have to remember EVERYTHING about the butterflies, as Amelia will want to know EVERYTHING!!
xx S.

ScrapManda said...

Kyan looks and sounds like he's having a blast! Love the snow LO.

Roz said...

ooh, so jealous, ice skating is fun!!

Lots of gorgeous LO"s here missy!

Angela said...

Looks awesome leish...i'd love to go to a butterfly conservatory! have a great time *chat* soon!